Pop up Restaurant–Taiwan meets Neukölln

23.05.2019, 18:00 – 21:30
Pop up restaurant – Taiwan meets Neukölln

Synchronise With the Seasons - Dining by Solar Terms

We are Simo: Three Taiwanese food enthusiasts who have lived across four continents. The vibrant, diverse food cultures that we’ve experienced in each place have inspired us to master this universal language. Food connects people. It builds bridges between cultures.

Experience experimentation -- fresh local ingredients via Taiwanese cooking methods, one traditional recipe from the grandma who lived across the street in Salvador, Brazil with a hint of East Asia. We play in the kitchen, we discover new stories in every texture, we create “convivir”, the pleasure of living/eating together.

We’ve always appreciated the idea of synchronising food with the seasons. The traditional East Asian lunisolar calendar is comprised of 24 points, or solar terms (節氣), each of which matches a particular astronomical event or signifies some natural phenomenon. Numerous civilisations observe festivals in accordance with this calendar. And there are certain foods and ingredients that we eat depending on the term.

We combine the concept with seasonal ingredients we find in the local market wherever we are. We’d like to invite you to join the adventure, travel from Berlin to East through the dinner table, and sync with the season.