Jonasstraße 22: A place steeped in history

From Körnerpark in Neukölln it is only a stone's throw to Tamper meets Jigger, the café meets bar owned by Raymund Peters. As you pass by, you can hardly imagine that the backyard of Jonasstraße 22 is a historic place. Ballet school, meeting place of the SA under National Socialism, up to the Jewish Theatre, all these institutions were once located in the backyard of Jonasstraße.

The dance school of the famous ballet master Emil Meisel and his wife Olga Meisel was founded in 1915. Later his son Will Meisel took over the dance school. He was a dancer at the Berlin State Opera, composer and publisher. Due to his party affiliation to the NSDAP, it is also assumed that SA meetings were held there. Meisel himself lived and worked in Jonasstraße 22. Later the dance school was passed on to his niece, Inge Meisel-Karras. At the beginning of the 1980s she handed over the ballet school to one of her students. Rita Beck led the dance school from then on until the beginning of the 1990s. With Monika Keller it should have been the last ballet school to offer her courses in the historic dance hall in the back building. From 2006-2011 the Jewish Theater BAMAH, with its director Dan Lahav in the Jonasstraße 22, performed contemporary plays in the old ballroom Will Meisel. In the summer of 2012, the café and bar with the name "Prachtsaall" moved into the front rooms.

Since January 2019, Raymund Peters, who was previously employed at Hotel Adlon, has successfully run his lovingly furnished Café+Bar, called Tamper meets Jigger, in the front part of the Meisels building. A wonderful place to relax with a cappuccino or to enjoy a cocktail in a nice atmosphere.

_In summer 2012 the café and bar "Prachtsaal" moved into the front rooms, which was in operation until 2016/2017.

_2006-2011 the Jewish Theatre BAMAH performed contemporary plays in the old ballroom Will Meisel (in the backyard) in Jonasstraße 22, Jonasstraße 22

_At the beginning of the 1990s the dance school is passed on to Monika Keller.

_At the beginning of 1980 the dance school was passed on to Rita Beck, a student of Inge Meisel-Karras, the granddaughter of Emil and Olga Meisel.

_1915 Opening of the dance school by ballet master Emil Meisel and his wife Olga Meisel